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New guy here, not alot of time to type...

I tried scrolling through older posts but I don't get a whole lot of time to do things like this here at work so I apologize if this is redundant here. I want to switch to Vibrams, however, I don't want to sabotage my upcoming 10K and 5K. I have read and heard personal accounts that vary wildly about the transition process and was wondering what the best approach would be to transitioning to being a strictly Vibram/minimalist runner? Like, maybe, only run in them one day a week and in my regular running shoes the rest and gradually replace another day and another until I am acclimated? My typical runs are around the 10K distance but I'm trying to build my base up now that the weather is getting better. I know that would be overkill right off the bat and I don't want to hurt myself or over do it but I also don't want to lose momentum. Plus, Like I said, I have a 10K April 17th (Blue Bell Fun Run) and a 5K May 1st (Warrior Dash). Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Winter Running

Ignoring the fact that I don't want to shell out the cash to run on a treadmill, I just genuinely prefer running outside. Now that Boston has a foot and a half of snow on the ground, I was wondering if anyone had tips for VFF running in wintery conditions?

I figure if I just keep my regular running schedule through winter I'll never have a reason to wuss out due to weather. I'll always be able to say to myself, "I've ran in worse." But I want to sometime experience that "worst" without injuring myself, so if any of you have tips beyond those found in ordinary cold-weather running guides (I liked this one and this one) and common sense I'd love to hear them.

Gonna do my first run since the storm tomorrow regardless. Wish me luck!
Anyone seen any on-line retailers with the Performa and Mocs in stock?

"Sir, can I touch your toes?"

More than two years in Vibrams, and the "first" continue to roll in.

I was in the lobby of a movie theater last night, on my way in to see Avatar (which was mind blowing and you should really go see) when the manager of the theater noticed my shoes. First I got the typical "What are those?" "How much do they cost?" questions..... but then she went and did it: "Sir, I have to ask.... can I touch your toes?"

Being the good sport I am, I of course let her. Next thing I know it half the staff is checking my feet out!

If even one of them is inspired to learn more about Vibrams, i'll be happy.


new leather vibrams

I'm super excited about the new leather Vibrams! there are two styles, one for men and one for women. They aren't super versatile, but they look really comfy and luxurious.
What do you guys things of these? are you gonna get a pair?


On a side note, my boyfriend's KSO's ripped last weekend. He has only run in them once and this happened during his very first kayaking trek. My KSO's lasted an entire summer, 8 solid weeks of kayaking trips. I'm planning to call or email Vibram and see if they can send us a new pair, if I send them in. I have several pairs but haven't needed to communicate with customer service yet. We'll see how they handle it.

Molars & Vibrams

This afternoon I gave my dentist "the talk"..... that’s the Vibram Five Fingers and all things minimalist running talk...

I’ve been wearing Vibams everywhere for over two years now, and can still hardly leave the house without getting stares, comments or questions.

So, I’d been in the chair for about 30 minutes, and at that point with half my face numb, a molar extracted, and a wad of gauze in my cheek to stop the bleeding, the question finally came “I just have to ask. What are those shoes called?”

… and I proceeded to give him an earful about minimalism and ultra running. Although he was not a runner himself I was glad hear that he believed the minimal philosophy made sense, both physically and economically.

Keep spreading the word


FYI- looks like Vibram restocked and updated their website for interested parties.

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Out of Stock everywhere!

I have two pairs of Five Fingers (KSOs and Sprints) and I really love them! I was hoping to buy a pair of Flows since it's getting colder outside, but they seem to be out of stock everywhere! The VFF website just says they're unavailable, and every site I can find online is out-of-stock or back-ordered until well into winter. EDIT: KSOs seem to be out too! I guess they're becoming quite popular.

I'm a women's 39-40, and Flows don't go small enough for me to buy men's instead.

Anyone know where can I find a pair?

If not, anyone use KSOs with some sort of sock in the winter? I don't want to give up my barefooting just because of snow and frost.

100 Miles in Vibrams

Found this on a message board I use. One of the runners just did a 100 miler in Vibrams: http://barefootjason.blogspot.com/2009/09/hallucination-100-mile-endurance-run.html


action shot of me and my vibrams!

Here's a photo from this summer, me and the other guide, Ben, out on the water with a group, paddling along South Core Banks in Core Sound, on the outer banks of North Carolina. I've stuck my feet out of my kayak to get some air and my vibrams made it into the photo.
I'm wearing the pink and gray women's KSOs